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Murcia is a lively city located in the Southeast of Spain. Its wonderful climate invites to walk around its streets and to enjoy a drink or a tapa in one of the several squares it boasts. Founded by the Moors in the 9th century on the fertile valley of the river Segura, Murcia achieved its artistic splendour in the 18th century, when most of its churches, palaces or squares were either created or renovated in Baroque style. Good examples of the interesting artistic heritage of the city are the cathedral, the cultural Casino or any of its museums, being the one dedicated to the magnificent sculptor Salzillo one its musts. But what makes Murcia a very special city is its atmosphere and its friendly people, that will make you want to come back.

Our main conference venue is in the Almudi auditorium of the Occidental Murcia 7 Coronas Hotel, Paseo de Garay 5, Murcia, Spain.

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The Conference will be hosted by CEBAS-CSIC. The aim of CEBAS-CSIC is to generate through investigation necessary knowledge which make possible the development of strategies to achieve the sustainability of the scant resources which exist / existing in semiarid areas, through their correct management and making possible the development of a quality agriculture and obtaining healthy and safe vegetable food. The singularity of CEBAS is that it is a multidisciplinary centre with three different areas of investigation (Agricultural Sciences, Food Science and Technology and Natural Resources), each of which operates separately but within a common context (CEBAS). Doing research work in these three areas and in a geographical area with scant resources, such as the Region de Murcia, generates a bank of knowledge that must be used.

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Although the accommodation is not included in the conference registration fees, you can enjoy the special prices that attendees can benefit from at the following hotels.

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